Price List

Diving Packages

Bronze Cenote Diving Package36$400 USD
Silver Cenote Package510$850 USD
Gold Cenote and Ocean Package816$1,300 USD
Platinum Cenote and Ocean Package1020$1,700 USD
Bronze Ocean Package36$450 USD
Silver Ocean Package510$800 USD
Gold Ocean Package714$1,249 USD
Platinum Ocean Package 816$1400 USD
Dive & Travel Excursion1516$3500 USD

Cenote Diving

Refresher Course and 1 Cenote Dive1/2$175 USD
2 Cenote Dives (shallow)1/2$140 USD
2 Cenote Dives (1 deep 1 shallow) 1$175 USD
3 Cenote Dives (1 deep, 2 shallow) 1$195 USD
3 Cenote Dives (3 shallow) 1$185 USD

Reef Diving

Bull Sharks 2 Tanks1$180 USD
Cozumel 2 Tanks1$200 USD
Playa del Carmen VIP 2 Tanks1$180 USD
Tulum Reef 2 Tanks1$140 USD
Mahahual 2 Tanks & Overnight Stay2$275 USD
Puerto Morelos 2 Tanks 1$200 USD
Cancun MUSA 2 Tanks 1$200 USD
Banco Chinchorro Diving2$375 USD


One Cenote Snorkel Tour1/2$75 USD
Two Cenote Snorkel Tour1$135 USD
Whaleshark Snorkel Tour1$205 USD

Recreational Courses

PADI Discover Scuba Diving1/2 $100 USD
PADI Scuba Diver Course2$275 USD
PADI Upgrade Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver2 $255 USD
PADI Open Water Diver4$450 USD
PADI Open Water with eLearning2$350 USD
PADI Open Water Referral - Confined Dives and Four Open Water Dives 2 $350 USD
PADI Open Water Referral – Four Open Water Dives 2 $225 USD
PADI Advanced Open Water2 $450 USD
PADI Rescue Diver4 $450 USD
Emergency First Response1$115 USD
Combo PADI Rescue Course and EFR Course5 $500 USD

Specialty Courses

Enriched Air Nitrox1/2$150 USD
Cavern Diver3$500 USD
Sidemount Diver3$500 USD
Peak Performance Bouyancy1$180 USD
Deep Diver2$450 USD
Equipment Specialty1$100 USD
Project Aware1$100 USD
O2 Provider1$100USD
Night Diver3$350USD

Divemaster Internships

Zero to Hero Package60$69.75 USD per day - 60 Days
Open Water Diver to Divemaster60$3745 USD
Advanced to Divemaster42$2965 USD
Rescue to Divemaster30 $2050 USD

Instructor Development

PADI Instructor Course15$1200 USD
TDI Instructor Courses3+$350 USD/DAY

TDI Technical Courses

TDI Sidemount3 $750 USD
TDI Intro to Tech3$500 USD
TDI Nitrox Course2$400 USD
TDI Advanced Nitrox3$250 USD/ day
TDI Decompression Procedures3$250 USD / day
TDI Trimix Diver4$250 USD / day

TDI Cave Courses

TDI Intro to Tech2$500 USD
TDI Sidemount3$750 USD
Cavern3$750 USD
Intro to Cave3 $750 USD
Full Cave4$1,100 USD
Sidemount Cave4$1,100 USD
Stage Cave3 $825 USD
Combo: Sidemount & Cavern5 $1,250 USD
Combo: Intro to Tec & Cavern41,000 USD
Combo: Sidemount, Cavern, Intro to Cave & Full Cave11$2,750 USD
Combo: Cavern, Intro to Cave & Full Cave8$2,000 USD
Combo: Intro to Tec, Cavern, Intro to Cave & Full Cave10$2,500 USD