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Cenote Fact Sheet

Some need to know facts about the Cenotes
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Cenote Diving Safety

The do's and don'ts of Cenote Diving
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CasaCenote 300

Casa Cenote

Step into cool waters and a world of vibrant life.
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CenoteAngelita 300

Cenote Angelita

Descend into the eerie stillness and swirling mists.
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CenoteCalavera 300

Cenote Calavera

A kaleidoscope of colour dances on purest white limestone.
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CenoteCarwash 300

Cenote Carwash

Discover a leafy garden paradise, full of life and vibrant colours of blue, green and pink.
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ChacMool 300

Chac Mool

The halocline shifts and shimmers above frosted limestone.
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ChikinHa 300

Chikin Ha

Honeycomb crystals shimmer in the hazy veil of the halocline.
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DosOjos BarbieLine 300

Dos Ojos (Barbie Line)

Ancient formations standing statuesque along the passageways.
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DosOjos BatCave 300

Dos Ojos (Bat Cave)

Exquisite formations draped along the darkened passages.
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GrandCenote 300

Dreamgate Cenote

Stunning, white limestone against a backdrop of sapphire blue.
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Kukulcan 300


Tiny crystal chambers sparkle and dance in the sunlight.
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Ponderosa 300


An emerald oasis in the heart of the Mayan Jungle.
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TajmaHa 300

Tajma Ha

Incredible, golden light beams spilling down to the rocks below.
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ThePit 300

The Pit

Celestial light searing through crystal waters.
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