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$200 USD

Cozumel 2 Tanks

Suitable for all levels. Cozumel is most famous for its spectacular wall diving and diverse life. Suitable for all certification levels.
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CenoteswithInfinity 1 21

$175 USD

Refresher Course and 1 Dive (Cenote or Reef)

Have you not been diving within the last year? Jump back in, and check you skills before entering the Cavern area!
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bullshark perfect2

$190 USD

Bull Sharks 2 Tanks

Dive with these amazing sharks! You must have PADI Advanced Certification and 25 Dives to part take in this incredible and exciting experience.
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Diving With Infinity2Diving 71

$180 USD

Playa del Carmen VIP 2 Tanks

We will take you from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen to experience 2 dives on the local reef. Suitable for all certification levels.
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ocean ray

$150 USD

Tulum Reef 2 Tanks

Explore the Mesoamerican reef. The beautiful Caribbean waters await you. Great for all experience levels.
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Fiji10 369

$200 USD

Puerto Morelos 2 Tanks

Explore the C-56 Wreck in Puerto Morleos Juan Escutia. Followed by a beautiful reef dive.

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Dive Packages

What do more than one day of diving! Check out our packages!
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