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$1400 USD

Combo: Sidemount, Cavern & Intro to Cave

This Combo combines TDI courses needed to become a Cave Diver. Includes sidemount course, Cavern and intro to Cave

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TajmaHa 300

$500 USD

TDI Intro to Tech

The TDI Intro to Tech Course is the start of your technical experience
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vicki sidemount

$600 USD

TDI Sidemount

The TDI Sidemount course is for anyone who is wanting to use this increasingly popular equipment configuration.
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$600 USD


The TDI Cavern Course is designed for anyone who is seeking an adventure and wishing to explore overhead environments.
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$750 USD

Intro to Cave

Introduction to Cave diving. Minimum requirement of TDI Cavern Diver
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$1,100 USD

Full Cave

The TDI Full Cave is the third part of the TDI’s overhead environment training.
Must hold TDI Intro to Cave Certification and TDI Sidemount or TDI Intro to Tech.
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$1,100 USD

Sidemount Cave

Open a new world of Cave Diving, Learn Cave Sidemount!
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$825 USD

Stage Cave

Expand you dive time! Must already hold Full Cave Certification and 20 Full Cave Dives before taking this course.
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$1,050 USD

Combo: Sidemount & Cavern

This Combo combines Sidemount and Cavern TDI courses needed to start your technical and Cave journey.

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1,000 USD

Combo: Intro to Tec & Cavern

This Combo combined the TDI Intro to Tech Course and the TDI Cavern Course.
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$2,850 USD

Combo: Sidemount, Cavern, Intro to Cave & Full Cave

This Combo Combines all four TDI Courses from Sidemount to Full Cave DiverThis Combo combines all four TDI courses needed to become a Full Cave Diver. You will need a minimum of 100 dives and Rescue Certification to start this course.
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Try Cave Diving

$2,500 USD

Combo: Intro to Tec, Cavern, Intro to Cave & Full Cave

This Combo combines four TDI courses needed to become a Full Cave Diver.

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